Release History

Promptside is under active development and is being continuously enhanced based on your valuable feedback. Let us know if there's a feature you'd love to see in Promptside.

1 Feb 2020
  • Support for running paid events in 32 countries
  • Charge for tickets using the currency you prefer, with more than 100 currencies supported
  • Choose whether each ticket type you offer should attract sales tax
  • Attach a PDF tax invoice directly to the sale confirmation emails your customers will receive
7 Dec 2019
  • Try a demo before you set up your own organisation, or use the demo at any time to experiment with features and settings
  • Preview the ticket sales page for your new event before making it live
  • Change the primary contact person for your organisation
  • Improved experience for uploading an event image
  • The event subtitle is now available to be inserted into your email templates
1 May 2019
  • Event sales pages now include advanced metadata that search engines can use to display rich results
  • Attendees can save their digital tickets to the Google Pay app
  • When attendee details are collected at checkout, these automatically become the default order contact details as well
  • View a real-time feed of attendee check-ins
10 Mar 2019
  • Sell tickets on your own web domain by creating a brand with a custom domain name
  • Customize the content and appearance of the emails sent to attendees
  • Customize the appearance of the digital tickets generated for Apple Wallet
  • The onboarding experience for new users has been streamlined, in response to feedback
  • When managing events, you can filter your event list by brand
  • Events can have a subtitle, which will appear in smaller text below the title
  • If you have multiple payment destinations connected, you can nominate one as the 'default' for new events
1 Feb 2019
  • Self sign-up is now available
  • Beta participation is no longer invite-only
  • Create unlimited organisations
  • When creating a new event, you can now reuse the sales URL from a past event
  • The Smart Link Generator lets you include ticket type and quantity, so you can pre-select certain tickets and send your customer straight to the checkout stage
  • If you have multiple brands, you can nominate the 'default' brand for new events
  • The event dashboard shows clearer status information, and highlights if there's a problem with your event
  • The event dashboard makes it easier to see the total number of tickets remaining
  • Improved support for long ticket type names
  • Management screens are now more mobile-friendly
7 Jan 2019
  • The new Attendees screen allows you to search and sort your ticket holders, and quickly perform actions such as 'Check In'
  • Create new brands and modify the appearance of your brands (including custom logos, backgrounds and color schemes)
  • Connect multiple Stripe accounts, and specify which one to use for each event (so, for example, you could send revenue from a special event to a different bank account)
  • An improved experience for creating and publishing new events
  • Generate smart links that pre-fill attendee details for your customers when using an email marketing tool
  • Manage ticket types and seating capacity more easily
  • When setting ticket prices, see an instant estimate of the Promptside service fee that will apply, and the amount you'll receive
  • Event managers can see extra information about each order, including the Promptside service fee that was deducted
22 Oct 2018
  • Invite other users to manage events in your organisation
  • Manage and revoke user access
  • Review history of emails sent to your customers
  • See if an outgoing email could not be delivered, with the option to edit the email address and re-send
  • View and edit the name and email settings associated with your brand(s)
  • All email templates have been redesigned and improved
  • Manually mark an unpaid order as paid (eg. because the customer paid offline)
  • Manually add a credit card payment to an existing order
  • See additional details about the payment associated with an order
  • See additional details about cancelled orders, including the cancellation date
  • Choose to refund an order without invalidating its tickets
  • Edit the name and organisation associated with an order
  • Set a registration deadline for your event (when ticket sales will automatically close)
  • Add a marketing URL for your event (an external website link shown to customers)
  • Your brand logo is now included in customer invoices
  • Search engines are requested not to index the registration page for events that have closed
4 Sep 2018
  • Significant improvements to the user interface and site navigation
  • Set a time zone for each event, and a personal default time zone
  • See additional details, such as unallocated ticket count, in the downloadable reports
  • A raft of internal improvements
14 May 2018
  • If you have multiple brands associated with your organisation, you can nominate which brand to use for each event
  • Improved experience for choosing an event URL when creating a new event
  • Upload a custom event promo image
  • Log in directly from the home page
  • If you manage events for multiple organisations, easily switch between them
25 Apr 2018

This release adds a number of important tax and compliance features, along with UX improvements for the event organiser.

  • Edit the tax settings for your organisation, including tax registration ID and legal name
  • Option to include your organisation's address on invoices issued to attendees
  • Choose to add sales tax automatically on top of advertised ticket prices, or treat ticket prices as ‘tax-inclusive’
  • Include a tax invoice link in sale confirmation emails
  • The checkout now explicitly shows the purchaser the amount of tax included in their order
  • Dashboards and reports clearly indicate whether sales figures are tax-inclusive or not
  • The sales report shows the service fees paid on each order
  • The nominated contact person for your organisation will automatically receive a monthly invoice summarising any service fees that were deducted from ticket sales, itemised by event
  • Access the history of monthly service fee invoices for your organisation
  • See the details of your connected Stripe account on the Organisation Settings screen
20 Jan 2018
  • Attendees can download a calendar event for the session they are attending
  • Ticket email includes an ICS attachment for easy ‘Add to calendar’ functionality
  • Improvements to Ticket Type editing screen
1 Dec 2017
  • Customers can download a PDF receipt or tax invoice for their ticket order
  • Improved rich-text editing experience
  • Payments now include event metadata that you can see from your Stripe dashboard and in Stripe reports
4 Aug 2017

This major update incorporates a visual redesign, new features, and many behind-the-scenes improvements.

  • Significant overhaul of system architecture
  • A completely new checkout flow designed to be fast, modern and customer-friendly
  • Support for multiple seating sections
  • Support for ticket price groups
  • See capacity breakdown by section on event dashboard
  • Option to require attendee names upfront before purchase
  • Support for Google Analytics Ecommerce features
  • Integrated Facebook analytics and Facebook conversion tracking
  • Check out with Microsoft Wallet in the Edge browser
  • Order form fields can be pre-populated using smart URLs sent from your mailing list tool
  • Events can be deleted if they haven't received any orders
  • A sophisticated identity management system, which will enable future features
23 Jan 2017
  • Improved order management UI
  • Quickly look up a customer's details by ticket number or sale reference
  • Internal improvements
30 Nov 2016
  • Check in attendees to register their attendance
  • Browser-based and iOS app code entry options
  • Event managers can re-allocate a ticket and undo check-ins, even during the event
  • Reporting improvements
30 Oct 2016
  • Issue digital tickets containing a QR code which can be scanned for entry
  • Issue digital tickets which support Apple Wallet
  • Improvements to the capture of ticket holder details, in response to feedback
12 Oct 2016

The first public release of Promptside went live today. Features include:

  • Multi-tenant
  • White labelled sales interface
  • Custom domain support
  • Responsive checkout
  • Stripe integration
  • Event dashboard
  • Attendee and sale reporting
  • Support for multiple ticket types
  • Support for restricted ticket types that require an offer code
  • Support for fixed quantity rules (group/table orders)
  • Check out with Apple Pay in Safari
  • Support for PaymentRequest API (Chrome beta)
  • Integrated Google Analytics